Dr. Ken Murkouski

Dr. KSJ Murkouski, B.S.; D.C.

Dr. Murkouski is a Palmer Graduate and International Motivational Speaker and Educator.  He has spoken to MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, CA’a and bee a visiting professor at almos every Chiropractic College/University in the US.  He has authored over 400 Articles and 20 guidebooks.  Dr Murkouski is a featured speaker for Parker Seminars, Footlevelers, Chiro Secure, State Associations and multiple Chiropractic Colleges and Universities.

Dr. Murkowski teaches Diagnosis, Coding, Documentation, Compliance, HIPAA, Medicaare, Malpractice Prevention, Technique Reivew, and Whiplash Associated Disorders – Sublimation & Syndromes (W.A.D.S.2).


Topics: Billing, Coding, Personal Injury Billing, Deposition Preparation.