South Jordan, UT – Mastermind Weekend

One-on-One / All-inclusive PI Success Mastery Weekend

August 2nd-4th, 2019. (You are welcome to arrive on the 1st)  Only 3 slots available for doctors or attorneys (You can bring your spouse).  Lodging and most meals/snacks are included.  All you have to do is get a flight to SLC International Airport, we will take care of the rest.  *You will be Staying in a 3-level, 3 bedroom home.  Training will be on-site in the downstairs theater room.  Bring your laptop and a sample of your current PI reports!

THREE or more different instructors will be spending face-to-face time with you to increase your skills and maximize reimbursement for your services in practice.  This isn’t a dog and pony show!  This is the real-deal.  We will be in the trenches with you to black-belt your PI skills.  Helping you to better educate, treat and bill ethically to build a solid PI practice and receive fair-exchange for your services. If you are having a difficult time pushing through Certification modules, this is the weekend to push through with a group.  Our focus – helping YOU with YOUR personal challenges in practice so you can go home Monday with confidence, clarity, purpose, passion and VALUE.

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* 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath And 7.2 Theater In Ritzy SLC Suburb.

3 level townhouse with garage in Utah’s fastest growing suburb. Lots of upgrades and NEW appliances (Fridge, Stove and Dishwasher – As of 2/17. New paint 5/17). Walking distance to VASA gym (formally known as Gold’s Gym) and ridiculous amount of shopping/restaurants within a 4 mile range! 20 minutes directly south from the Salt Lake International airport with easy access from Bangerter Highway. Approximately 40 minutes drive from 4 ski resorts, and 45 minutes from Park City.

R. Jay Shetlin, DC

Dr. Shetlin is the author of multiple books, including, “The Physician’s Guide to Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries."  He is also a speaker, coach and practicing chiropractic physician. Dr. Shetlin is committed to the advancement of chiropractic on a global scale. (“United we stand, divided we suck!”) Former employee of Palmer College of Chiropractic Marketing Department. Former VP/Marketing Director for Lifetimer International. He has been a practicing chiropractic physician for over 18 years – serving patients in St. George, Utah; Lisbon, Portugal; and most recently South Jordan, Utah.

Topics: * Head-space * Practice Principles * Practice management/case management * Documentation * Rituals that increase the fun and office revenue


Tom GrantTom Grant, DC

Dr. Grant is a practice development coach; author, marketer, inventor and speaker, helping doctors improve the PI portion of practice with personalized growth strategies. He has over 20 years of corporate sales experience as a former National Sales Manager for multinational and Fortune 500 companies. He has been awarded patents in the field of healthcare and technology. Dr. Grant has experienced consistent growth in new PI patients, seeing 100+ PI’s in 2012. He was the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) – Georgia Physician of the Year 2004 & 2005. He is a member of the Utah chapter of National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and a Leadership Council member for Utah’s NFIB, and it’s Utah PAC Chairman. Dr Grant is a member of the UCPA, ACA, and ICA. Topics: PI Practice Development – External/Internal (Doctors and Attorneys) *Practice Management * Case Management * Ethics

Jeffery States, DCJeffery States, DC

Dr. States is a 4th generation chiropractic physician. Dr. States consults and coaches physicians and attorneys in personal injury (PI) problem resolution and practice building solutions. He is the founder of the “Personal Injury Training Institute” which is the foremost PI training/consulting program of our day. Dr. States was a research assistant in the Croft/Spine Research Institute of San Diego live occupant motor vehicle studies and is skilled in helping physicians implement this research into practical use in practice. Advantages of being highly trained in Personal Injury work. [Foundation Faculty]
Topics: *Practice Management, Croft Guidelines, Medico-Legal cross communication

Bryan Larson, Esq.Bryan Larson, Esq.

Mr. Larson has been practicing Personal Injury Law in Utah for over 25 years. He is fluent in the intricate details of how to win a PI case and how it all starts with the physician’s notes. Mr. Larson will be helping us build the foundation we need from “day 1″ with the PI patient. Mr. Larson will help us with “Apportionment” and the new laws regarding this topic (Doctors, Attorneys and staff)    
Topics: *Legal * Inter-professional communication