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Experts & Authorities, located in the Palm Springs area of So Cal. is a full service video production and video marketing agency providing media coaching and marketing consultation to entrepreneurs, medical professionals and their practices, business executives, authors, speakers and professional coaches. Co-owners Jim and Lynn Hawks, share more than 30 years experience in professional film and video production with their clients as they train and direct individuals on becoming powerful messengers for their business using strategic Video content creation and professional on-camera coaching. As a media marketing consultant, Lynn personally works with every client to create strategic, results driven, VIDEO based marketing campaigns for television and online video platforms. Jim, as Cameraman Director, has the critical, creative eye and technical expertise behind the camera to position and capture each client at their very best. Together, their end game is an enhanced business image, high level visibility, and increased revenue for each client. Passionate about the success of small business and entrepreneurship, The E&A team helps each client find their voice and deliver their story to their ideal client using the most powerful platform available today, VIDEO. Experts & Authorities  74050 Alessandro St   Palm Desert, CA. 92260  (760) 863-2200 Link for a Video description of what we can do for you and your practice:  
Injury Care Solutions (ICS), is a medical funding company that specializes in personal injury cases. Our job is to provide you with the resources needed to receive treatment for your injuries without being burdened with a pile of medical debt. We’ll work directly with your healthcare provider to make sure they receive payment so you can receive treatment. This way, your attorney can concentrate on reaching a settlement for you without any delays.  


Based on the Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough of Dr. Louis Ignarro we present to you the MIRACLE MOLECULE “Nitric Oxide.” In the body Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide helps relax blood vessels and improve circulation. Evidence also shows that Arginine may help increase blood flow in the arteries. This improved blood flow may help improve chest pain, clogged arteries and coronary artery disease. Because of the relaxed arteries and added blood flow there may be benefits which assist in erectile dysfunction. Other possible health benefits may include lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol.    



Platinum SystemThe company was created in 1986 and released its first chiropractic management software in 1989 called Chiro-Logic.  Chiro-Logic's technology and innovation made running the chiropractic front desk much more efficient than ever before and was quickly being used by over 400 doctors.  Chiro-Logic was so successful that even today over 99% of the original users are still clients using Chiro-Logic's innovative and user-friendly approach, we saw a need to not only support the front desk but to provide a dynamic system for overall patient and clinic management.  So programming started in 1996 and in 2001 Platinum System was released.  For the next 18 months, 50 clinics installed Platinum System for final testing and recommendations.  The results were amazing!  The offices could not believe the ease and intuitiveness of Platinum System.  Many doctors commented that they didn't know how they ran their practice before Platinum System.  With this great success and with much praise Platinum System was released to the rest of the world in 2003.  Since then, thousands of doctors around the world have joined the Platinum team with retention over 95% the success speaks for itself.


LifetimeVibe is the Mercedes of whole body vibration machines. Developed by doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and patients, LifetimeVibe is the perfect whole-body vibration solution. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States, LifetimeVibe will be the last exercise machine you’ll ever need!      



Nearly 20 years ago, Dr. Rene St. Cyr was a student at Western States Chiropractic College (Now called the University Of Western States) in Portland, Oregon. During his first term, he decided to buy a portable table. As he looked at the tables available, he was discouraged by the designs, prices, and quality. In 1994, while still in school, Dr St. Cyr decided to develop his own line of portable chiropractic tables. He emphasized hand crafted ergonomic design, functionality, and affordable pricing. Lifetimer was born at test Lifetimer’s reputation quickly grew as students and professionals began to appreciate the quality of hand crafted Lifetimer portable chiropractic tables. Lifetimer portable table sales spread quickly across North America and Europe. In response to the growing demand for elevation chiropractic and massage tables and related equipment, Lifetimer later began developing tables for that market as well.

LT-50 Portable Table

LT-ME3 Stationary Elevation Table

Lifetimer International sponsors our seminars, whenever we have attendance with over 20 doctors, with a prize drawing for a $500 Portable table or a $500 GIFT CERTIFICATE toward the stationary or portable table of your choice.




Too many chiropractors attempt to grow their personal injury practice, projecting themselves to attorney’s and MD’s as MVC Experts, but have a public website that reflects otherwise. When your website exudes 'jack-of-all-trades' general chiropractor, confidence in your expertise is often lost. Correct this common mistake and join the Whiplash Resource Network at the membership level that fits your practice goals.  Expert members get our premium package of perks, which also includes an exclusive (1-chiro/city) dedicated MVC site, so you can confidently showcase your exemplary skills and knowledge in the arena of MVC cases and attract the highest quality referrals.
Dr. Nevin Rosenberg and the Team The Whiplash Resource Network (541) 728-3431