PI Report Building Workshop – South Jordan Nov. 10th, 2018

Personal Injury Report Builder Workshop – South Jordan, UT

November 10th, 2018   Max 30 Doctors and Attorneys.   In the words of Rick Sapio & Patrick Gentempo in business you want “Simplicity, Probability and Leverage.”  Learning how to simplify your procedures so you can more easily prepare INITIAL reports, INTERIM reports and FINAL reports will vastly increase your success in practice.  Learn what insurance companies want, what attorneys need and how to increase your profit per case…honestly and ethically!

** Documentation, Exam to report, Initial, Interim & Final Reports, Apportionment, Causation, Subjective and Objective findings, Penning and AMA, Billing & Coding.







R. Jay Shetlin, DC

Dr. Shetlin is the author of multiple books, including, “The Physician’s Guide to Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries."  He is also a speaker, coach and practicing chiropractic physician. Dr. Shetlin is committed to the advancement of chiropractic on a global scale. (“United we stand, divided we suck!”) Former employee of Palmer College of Chiropractic Marketing Department. Former VP/Marketing Director for Lifetimer International. He has been a practicing chiropractic physician for over 18 years – serving patients in St. George, Utah; Lisbon, Portugal; and most recently South Jordan, Utah.

Topics: * Head-space * Practice Principles * Practice management/case management * Documentation * Rituals that increase the fun and office revenue



Matt R. Kober, Esq.Matt R. Kober, Esq.

Mr. Kober is a litigation attorney focusing his practice on helping persons injured in accidents. He was recently invited to become a member of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 in Utah. Mr. Kober is also Certified with the Personal Injury Training Institute as a Motor Vehicle Occupant Injury Specialist. What attorneys need from doctors and therapists to strengthen the case, settle faster and get everyone paid (Physicians, Attorneys, Therapists and Staff)
Topics: Legal, Documentation, Communication, Ethics

Jeffery States, DCJeffery States, DC

Dr. States is a 4th generation chiropractic physician. Dr. States consults and coaches physicians and attorneys in personal injury (PI) problem resolution and practice building solutions. He is the founder of the “Personal Injury Training Institute” which is the foremost PI training/consulting program of our day. Dr. States was a research assistant in the Croft/Spine Research Institute of San Diego live occupant motor vehicle studies and is skilled in helping physicians implement this research into practical use in practice. Advantages of being highly trained in Personal Injury work. [Foundation Faculty]
Topics: *Practice Management, Croft Guidelines, Medico-Legal cross communication

Bryan Larson, Esq.Bryan Larson, Esq.

Mr. Larson has been practicing Personal Injury Law in Utah for over 25 years. He is fluent in the intricate details of how to win a PI case and how it all starts with the physician’s notes. Mr. Larson will be helping us build the foundation we need from “day 1″ with the PI patient. Mr. Larson will help us with “Apportionment” and the new laws regarding this topic (Doctors, Attorneys and staff)    
Topics: *Legal * Inter-professional communication