May 10th (Friday) 9am-2pm 

“PI Business 101”



“For me, the whiplash group seminars have been the perfect blend of practice building strategies and tools, and valuable clinical pearls.  It  is an honor for me to be a part of such a phenomenal community of patient-focused doctors and attorneys.  I have been attending for 10 years and I always look forward to the next event!” – Jason Smith, DC, MS, DACNB

4 Hours of CE – compliments of UCPA  (Must be a UCPA member)

This is ALL ABOUT billing, coding, ethics, physics, documentation, communication, and marketing.

With or without CE, you won’t want to miss this! (Seating is limited to 25)

Event Title: “Personal Injury Business and Relationships 101”


South Jordan, Utah – Friday, May 10th, 2024

Where: Injury Clinic / South Jordan Chiropractic

10464 S. Redwood Road (behind Astroburger)

South Jordan, UT

When: 8am-4pm

Tentative Schedule:  Seating is limited to 25. 

Tracy Taylor, Paralegal [25 min.]  Billing and RVS

Ethical Billing and coding for 2024.  How to bill-the better mousetrap that gets doctors paid, cases settled quicker, and the patient the restitution they deserve.



Bryan and Adam Larson, ESQ [25 min.] Team Work

With a combined expertise of over 50 years in Personal Injury law and litigation we will be sharing some of the “Do’s and Don’ts” in the team approach to care and case management.



R. Jay Shetlin, DC [25 min.] Bad Documentation Pitfalls to Avoid

How is documentation different in Personal Injury vs. Cash or Major Med?  What NOT to do.




Jeff Metler, ESQ [25 min.] Ethics

Practicing Medicine, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, or Massage, you have ‘authority’ with patients and need to respect those boundaries. Building faith, confidence, and belief with your patients and peers.





Lunch Presenter – Ken Rochon, PhD [25 min.]  Marketing and Book Publishing

Dr. Rochon has helped countless authors complete, publish, and promote their own books and group or multi-author books (these are a hot item in 2024).  He will share how to affordably get the book out you have trapped inside you right now…and help it build your credibility and make you money.



Lunch Presenter – Christopher Jackson / US LIFE PRO  [Asset protection and retirement] 10 min.

“The FLEX method life insurance and retirement method is a mind-bending way to provide benefits for your family and employees while building a retirement tool for yourself, a safety net for your family, AND ‘becoming your own banker.’  This 3-in-1 tool is one of the few financial tools that regularly under promises and over delivers” – Dr. D DuBois, Seattle WA


Matthew Roller, DC [25 min.] The Pediatric PI Patient

How does diagnosing and treating differ in child and infant occupants of a MVC vs. the adult occupants?  What are things to look for and how do you co-care?



Jason Smith, DC, DACNB, FABBIR, FACFN, FABVR [25 min.]  Concussion and the MVA

Dr. Jason Smith will share simple steps in identifying Concussions related to MVCs.  These are the second most missed or underdiagnosed injuries in personal injury.



Jeff States, DC [25 min.]  Med-Legal in PI / Why Certify

Dr. States works with legal and healthcare professionals on management of Personal Injury cases. There are many pitfalls in PI, being aware of them and crucial in avoiding and concurring these problems.



Jay Shetlin, DC [25 min.]  Quality Documentation and REPORTS made easy!

Secrets attorneys love, that get you paid without reductions!  Be the doctor you trained to be and show it clearly in your documentation 😊 Don’t miss this.


9:00 Tracy Taylor Billing and Coding
9:30 Jeff Metler Ethics
10:00 Jay Shetlin SOAPs – What NOT to do
10:30 Mark Slater PI marketing via relationship social media
11:00 Jeff States Med-Legal, why certify?
11:30 Bryan & Adam Do’s and Don’ts in case management
12:00 Lunch Ken Rochon – Author video
12:30 Matthew Roller Pediatric PI patient
1:00 Jason Smith Concussion
1:30 Jay Shetlin Building Better Reports

South Jordan:


ATTENTION: If your organization sets up events, we are happy to bring THREE instructors for just $5000 per event. You are welcome to charge what you want for the seminar to your attendees and market it how you like. Use it as a fund raiser for your State Association. Use it for your personal gain. As stated, we simply charge a flat fee for TWO or THREE of our instructors to present to your town.

Proceeds Benefit the Whiplash Group and the Utah Chiropractic Physician’s Association

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