Peter Carr, DC

Dr. Carr practices in Kirkland, WA and is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa. While studying, he helped run the MPI club, and attended and organized MPI seminars at multiple campuses. Dr. Carr offers a unique take on cervical adjusting post trauma that can be used successfully in practice on Monday!


Eric Brimhall, MD, Pain Specialist

Dr. Brimhall has had the unique fortune to live in many locations across the United States as well as internationally. He earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology before earning his medical degree and then continuing his training with a Medical/Surgical internship followed by residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Following residency, Dr. Brimhall completed two subspecialty fellowships: first in interventional spine care at the Utah Center for Pain Management and Research, and later in multidisciplinary pain medicine at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He is board certified in pain medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation, and is a diplomate of both the American Board of Pain Medicine and the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Michael Coates, JD

Michael Coates, Esq. is nationally recognized as the foremost personal injury lien negotiations expert, having helped hundreds of providers in thousands of matters recover millions of dollars.  His coaching program at is helping medical providers thrive by providing the knowledge, strategies, tactics, tools and coaching to make their medical practices better, faster, easier and significantly more profitable in PI.

Michael emphasizes elevating staff as well, because when you level up their skills, they are more confident, freeing up providers to focus on growth while recovering higher settlements. A real win-win!

Making you better. Getting you there faster. And making it all easier for you and your staff.


Jeff States, DC

Dr. States works with legal and healthcare professionals on management of Personal Injury cases. There are many pitfalls in PI, being aware of them is crucial to avoiding these problems. After years of hard work, Dr. States created the only PI Certification online training course available today. He has 5 modules detailing PI health care protocols of Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries (MVCOI). These trainings are for healthcare providers, plaintiff attorneys and their staff. Lay people have also benefited by these trainings. Once a module is completed, individuals can take the National Certification Examination. After successful completion all 5-PI modules, one can be certified in MVCOI’s and listed on our Certified Professionals website. [Valuable to doctors and attorneys alike]


Jay Shetlin, DC

Putting the pieces together of MVC physics, injuries, and research based rehab for adults. Then looking at the research and treatment protocols for the pediatric MVC patient.

Dr. Shetlin is a keynote speaker, author, and business coach for doctors, attorneys, and students of life.

Dr. Shetlin’s background includes living and practicing for extended periods of time in the US, Asia, and Europe. His global perspective on culture, foods, nutrition, and health care, are unique and enlightening.