Three Year “Black Belt” (First 3 years in one)

Black Belt – Single Payment <<click   (Save $1000) ($12,500 Retail)

Black Belt – Three Year Commitment with monthly payments <<click ($1000 down +36 payments of $308)

First Year

First Year – Single Payment  <<Click ($8000)

First Year – $1000 Down and 24 bi-monthly payments of $291  <<Click ($1000 down + 24 payments of $291.66)

First Year – $1000 Down and 11 monthly payments of $637 << Click ($1000 down + 11 payments of $637)

Second Year

Year Two – Single Payment<<Click ($6500)

Year Two –$542 x 12 monthly payments<<Click ($6500)

Third Year and Beyond…

(Completed Certification)  “Lifetime” Year Three Plus – $84 / month << Click    Stay an active member until you feel the value exchange is less than you desire.

Supporter but Not Certified

“Supporter” Want to be a active participant but not yet certified and not ready to “jump in with both feet” just yet. $45/month  << Click  = Free seminars


Growth Accelerator CEO support

For doctors only.  Must have Platinum software in your office.  Cost is based on where you are currently with collections.  Dr. Shetlin and Savanna (billing and coding) operate as acting CEO and CFO (like a temporary franchise) helping you grow your business.  Payment for our services is growth-percentage based.  In other words, we contract for 3 years or less and make a percentage of your growth OVER your established baseline for those 3 years.  Call for details.