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“I have been a member of the respected Whiplash Group for several years. I am impressed with all the Physicians and sponsors involved. Everyone involved is top notch. I have received enough referrals every year to more than pay for dues every year at least three times over. I just receive 4 great referrals this week from being a member of the great network of expert professionals. Thank you Dr. Shetlin, other members and sponsors for doing such great work!”

– Dr. Patrick Conlin

What is the Whiplash Group?

It is a national organization of health care providers and attorneys who specialize in Personal Injury work.


It is the nation-wide organization of health care providers and attorneys who specialize in Personal Injury work. We function as an inter-discipline education and treatment source for our professions and the public.

We hold each other to a high standard of patient care, case management, communication and education.

Together we inform the community of what to do after a motor vehicle collision. This is done through joint efforts in education, marketing, lectures, radio, TV, Billboards, internet, etc.

Why should I join?

Because the cost is low and the returns are high! Our monthly dues are minimal to be a part of our community and the returns are guaranteed.

What does it take to join?

We require all members to be CERTIFIED in the Personal Injury field. It is not just a weekend seminar and the “self proclaimed – auto accident specialist.”

  • Our members must complete a course with tests to show their proficiency in the PI realm
  • Be teachable! Be the following or working on becoming the following…
  • Be a full dues paying member of your State Association for your Profession
  • Be proficient in case management
  • Be proficient in Croft research
  • Be proficient in inter-discipline communication
  • Be proficient in documentation and reports
  • Be team players

What is in it for me?

Dues for the Whiplash Group go directly to helping doctors become proficient in PI care / case management, marketing and practice success (seminars and coaching).

  • Includes FREE attendance for you and your office team to our seminars
  • Discounted attendance to seminars with joint-venture leaders in the profession (Example: Dr. Fab, Dr. States, and more)
  • Discounted CE (when available)
  • Certification programs in Personal Injury (Personal Injury Training Institute, PragmaIntel, and more to come).
  • Discounts of Group Publishing (PI Magazines, PI co-authored books, PI Pamphlets)
  • FREE professionally produced TV commercial tagged with your office (once certified) to use in you hometown, and on social media
  • 3rd Year and beyond members – opportunities to teach at our seminars
  • Discounts with vendors at our seminars
  • Coaching in marketing yourself as a local PI specialist.
  • FREE module with Business Finishing School on “Values Based Decision Making”
  • Membership in our private FaceBook Group to discuss PI concerns and practice management
  • FREE monthly zoom call training and web access to recorded training
  • IN-OFFICE EXPERIENCE visit a highly functional PI practice or Dr. Shetlin will visit YOUR office and offer fresh-eyes on lucrative changes/improvements.

We encourage members to give the group a minimum THREE year opportunity serve your success in practice.

  • Become a known specialist in your local community
  • Have a team of specialists as a brain-trust
  • Have physicians and attorneys who answer their phones directly or get back to you within 24 hours
  • Generate more new patients through the efforts of a group rather than you individually
  • CE accredited seminars (actual CE is paid separately)
  • Actively participate in a group that promote you and your practice or firm on a state-wide level

Our dues help build local State Organizations and a support group in your area. Should a member feel they are not getting the return-on-investment they are allowed to withdraw from the group at any time. (See contract.) If they have not seen any benefit and have actively participated in the efforts, CE seminars and suggested marketing / public education campaigns etc. and are still not satisfied… then 1/2 of their annual dues will be refunded.

Want to start a group in your State?

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, just give us a call. It is easy (with a little hand holding) to grow this nationwide effort, together.

Ready to join our Mastermind Membership?

1. Choose a payment.

2. Print, Sign and send in the Agreement.